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Polarity Leads was formed in May of 2016 during our other venture of Westberg & Associates was in mid-flight.  We provide consultative services for small to medium size businesses in the area of Digital Online Services, Website Design and support, Offline Marketing, SEO, Lead Generation and Reputation Marketing to only name a few of our disciplines.  

Founder, President and CEO, Robert Westberg, started consulting for national banks and financial organizations to help them after the housing market crash of 2008.  Robert came to the realization that it was more important to help the small to medium sized companies weather that financial storm, and now Polarity Leads focuses solely on helping those businesses increase their online presence and grow their client base.  It is our belief that the American small business is the core of this nation’s financial stability.

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It is our desire that regardless if you use our services or not, you will experience growth and success in everything you put your hand to!

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Robert Westberg

Founder, President and CEO

Polarity Leads

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Polarity Leads


A greeting and introduction from our President, Founder and CEO - Robert Westberg

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