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... And YOU should care about that because when Google shows LOVE they rank your website higher on Maps and organic SEO.  So, without any additional SEO services provided (and those can be pricey...) you are helping your website be presented to more people by just being on the platform.  That is a "no-brainer" and why we chose to move away from WordPress and build exclusively on!  

Go ahead, hit refresh on this page and see how fast it reloads... I'll wait.  Because it's that important to your website's success.  Our website load in MILISECONDS not seconds....

Mobile is here NOW! Google loves mobile and is geared towards mobile more than desktop because it's the future of internet browsing.  Google really shows their love because your responsive mobile website means that when a mobile user accesses your website they get page loads in the milli-seconds NOT seconds.

We have all tried to bring up a website on our cell phone only to just say "forget it" because it was just too slow.  How many customers have YOU lost because your mobile version was as slow as "molasses in winter" quoting one of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies.  Your websites, both desktop AND mobile need to load FAST and present your content to your visitor or they will bounce and go back to Google.  

This is probably the single most important feature of a good website since if your website visitors don't stick around and then call you all your time, effort and money to use your website for new client acquisition is just money down the drain.  There are other reason we build exclusively on and I go into them in my video presentation.


With every website we build we provide value that NO OTHER website development company provides.  If you can find someone that does let us know and we'll give you a years worth of free webhosting on (oh, did I tell you we already give you an option for LIFETIME HOSTING on   Yeah, that's right!  No more paying month after month, year after year for hosting on a platform that is slow and has substandard customer service, but more on that below and in my video presentation.

OK... My fingers are tired from writing all of the value we provide, so let's talk about the cost of all this....

If you have not watched my video presentation above do so NOW by scrolling to the top and click on my mug...  

Then call us to get this deal while it still lasts.  

We are only offering this to companies from the 28th of this month till the 28th of the following month.  Then the deal may change or may be extended for another month at our perogative.  

If you are ready to purchase this great deal then call Robert on his mobile # @ (602) 327-0557 to secure one of the 26 17 remaining spots for this website deal!  Or click the

BUY NOW! button here...

Lifetime Webhosting - NEVER pay for webhosting again with us.  We bake the webhosting in to the ONE TIME payment for your website on all of our website deals!  We won't nickel and dime you or hold your website "hostage" like I've heard from other website owners.  This lifetime webhosting provided FREE on all of our web site deals released on the 28th of each month.   This is a minimum of $100 a year value multiplied by the number of years you will have a website.

Credentials To Your Site - We build on the platform (click the rabit in the lower right hand corner to learn about them); however, we will give you full backend access with your own credentials controlled by for LIFE.  We have a lifetime account with Convertri meaning if ANYTHING should happen to us you will ALWAYS have a website on a paid-for platform and credentials to access the site.  You can make edits yourself or give those credentials to a web-developer that can modify the site for you.  We are here to empower you and your business.  This is a $1,000.00 a year value since that is what Convertri will charge you now for an account with them.  

FREE Edits For 60 Days - Once your website is live you get 60 days of FREE edits to tweak and modify the site to make it just right!  No Charge for these edits for 60 days and if you want changes we charge $45.00 an hour after the first 60 days to make edits.  Or do it yourself or give your credentials to another web-developer. Again, it's all about empowering YOU as a business owner with your digital assets.  This is a $45.00 an hour value since that is what we charge per hour for web development work on sites we have completed.

Google Review Widget - FREE FOR LIFE! Have your Google 5-Star reviews displayed on your website promoting you as an industry leader.  We offer a pop-up widget AND a carousel widget that scrols through your latest Google reviews showing you know what you are doing in your market.  You'll see this service be charging $99.00 to $499.00 a MONTH by others, but we give this as part of our website deals!  Want to see it in action?  Go to: and watch the left hand corner.

Americans With Disability (ADA) Widget - FREE FOR LIFE!  Most website owners don't realize that they are in violation of ADA regulations by not having their site accesible to people with disabilities as of January of 2022.  That means if you have not modified your site OR have this ADA Widget installed on their webiste they are WIDE OPEN FOR A LAWSUIT from anyone with a disability visiting your website that wants to make an example of you and your business. We give you peace of mind by installing this widget on all website we build at NO COST FOR LIFE!  This is a $49.00 a MONTH value that other companies charge for.   It's actually on this web page.. click on the blue round icon in the upper left hand corner or watch my video presentation above.  

Reputation and Promotional Videos - We offer 2 FREE 60 second videos featuring your company and reputation promoting you in the way people want to see it.. VIDEO!  Research shows more people will watch a video than read your website.  So we provide one featuring your best Google 5-Star reviews AND one exciting video just showing your company off to your visitors.  When we post them on your home page they work wonders!  Here's a little tip... load this video on your channel and link it from there to help your Maps and organic SEO ranking grow even faster.  Why is that you ask?  Google owns Youtube and they LOVE to promote their own products and services.  This is an SEO trick I'm giving you for free... your welcome!  This is a minimum of $399.00 per video value.

SSL Certification FREE For Life - See that lock right in front of the URL at the top of this or any website?  Well that lock means the site is secure.  Meaning you can trust your information is secure by 128 bit encryption.  But you may notice that some website show a "not secure" message there.  Well they let their SSL certification laps.  You will never have that with us and the Convertri platform we build on.  We give FREE SSL Certs for LIFE!  No more prospective client's "bouncing" off your site because there is a message saying your site is NOT SECURE...  We got you covered!  This is a $25.00 a year value.

Free Logo Development - Don't have a logo?  No worries we give you two hours of logo development time to create one for you.  You have full ownership once it's completed and we give you the .png files to use for your business cards or graphics to use as you see fit... why not, it's YOURS NOW! This is a $399.00 value.

Free Google Business Profile Optimization Document - If you are not working on getting ranked on Google Maps you are leaving a ton of money on the table. Sure, most service companies get a ton of referrals and are fine with that. Which means you own your job and that might be just fine for most of you.  However, for those looking to build a business and to GROW it into a fleet of trucks or to hire on more help so you can just "manage the business", then Google Maps is what you want to focus on.  SEO doesn't even place higher on the a web search than Google Maps does.  Why you ask?  Because there is a way Google wants you to interact with your Google Business Profile page to rank you higher in Maps, and we give you the details in a document so over time, you can count on Google Maps delivering more calls to you day in and day out.   This is a $1,000.00 value to help jump start your Google Business Profile standing!

Excellent Support and Service - We provide a level of support and service that you will agree is RARE in today's business world.  We have standards that come from God that we take pride in living up to.  Meaning we won't mislead you and we will be honest and upfront in our communications. and suggestions.  

This also means that we will NOT service businesses that are involved in: 

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Left Wing Political Ideology 

So if you are involved in any of those areas please DO NOT CALL US.  We will not be able to provide our services to you for religious and patriotic reasons.   

Having a company you can partner with that you can trust.... 


From the 28th to the 28th this deal will be available for ONLY:



This includes everything listed above INCLUDING our LIFETIME WEB HOSTING AND 3 MONTHS OF SEO SERVICES!

Once we sell the allotted 17 offers this deal will end for the month!

So Call NOW or Click the BUY NOW! button below to purchase.

Here are some examples of demo and client websites we have built.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

and our site:

Website In RED text are old WordPress sites created before we fully embraced and built exclusively on the platform!

Watch The Video For All The Details On Our Awesome Website Offer And Claim Your Website Before The Clocks Hits Zero!

Call Robert @ 602-327-0557 to claim your website deal!

AI Chatbot - FREE FOR LIFE! Us the power of AI to answer your website visitors questions based on your website's content and any additional information and instructions you want to give the AI Chatbot.  For instance, you can have the Chatbot talk about your services and basic information about those services.  If they want to schedule an appointment then you can have the Chatbot call or text your number so you can speak to the prospect yourself.  Want to see it in action?  Go to: and interact with the chatbot in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  This is a $99.00 a month value.

Google Business Profile Updates - Free for 30 Days! We will update your Google Business Profile with all of your website specific information to ensure they match one another (an important consideration to Google).  Then you will provide us photos of jobs and we will update your GBP with those pics and create posts for you.  This is a $450.00 a month value. 

3 Months of SEO Services! - Your website should be more than just an "online shingle".  So we offer 3 months of SEO services as part of this website deal.  This is not like other companies that will buy your URL "for you" and then charge you each month to "keep your site live" by hi-jacking your companies URL and taking your website hostage as long as you pay them each and every month.  This practice is unscrupulus and should not be tolerated.  That is why we require YOU to purchase your own URL for your company.  We will NEVER purchase that for you or move it to our GoDaddy or Namecheap hosting accounts.  That is your URL for you and you alone to manage.  This way you can always point your URL to ANY website you like (but we know you'll LOVE the site we build for you).  We charge $1,450 a month for SEO services (3 month minimum) so you can see this is an awesome value.  We will optimize your content, optimized images, citations and a ton of other "SEO stuff" all to help your page rank quicker on Google.  Note that there is no guarantee for page 1 listing on Google with our SEO in this 90 day period.  However, it will help you get there quicker if not within that 90 day period!


Some More Templates To Help Your "Juices" to Flow And Think Of What Is Possible.

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